Windows 10 Update 19H2 Available with Windows Shell and New Improvements

Microsoft is hard at work on a new Windows 10 update, which has been identified under the codename of 19H2.

The new update should be released in September, and it is likely that it will bring new improvements and fixes for the current 19H1 update, which is already available. , will be the first update which aims to improve one which was already released and it is expected that it will meld with the 19H1 update as a normal patch.

It is also every week to take into account the fact that the 19H2 will be released in a different manner since it is not a standalone release. Instead of following the path of classic Windows 10 updates, which require a major download and a reboot for installation, 19H2 will be offered as a regular patch or cumulative update, which are released on a weekly basis.

Another difference comes from the fact that it will not include the dramatic changes which can be observed in regular Windows 10 feature updates.  A large part of the update will focus on bug fixes, performance enhancements and the introduction of small features which can improve the quality of life. Below you can find some highlights.

Windows Shell

Users will have the option to create a new event by using the Calendar flyout in the Calendar. A differently to configure and disable or notifications from apps and websites will be featured on notifications and the banner.


Notification settings which can be found under Settings/System/Notification will be sorted according to the most recently shown notifications by default.

Minor changes

Power enhancements and improvements to battery life for PCs which sport select processors.

A new fix will allow OEMs to minimize inking latency related to the hardware capabilities of a device.

Third-party voice assistants will respond to activating voice commands above the lock screen.

It is likely that more changes will be observed in the future.

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