WhatsApp Messenger 2.19.230 Update Available to Download with New Changes

If you’re in need of a free online messenger then WhatsApp is probably your best bet. The service is available on Android and iOS. You can even install a desktop version that links to your phone. You only need an internet connection to use WhatsApp. You can message your friends after that, as well as sharing information in other forms.

Why should you use WhatsApp

Free service. The online messenger is completely free. All you need is to wave a WiFi or mobile data from your network provider. You can send unlimited texts, files, and even make international calls for free. That requires the other person to have WhatsApp installed on their phone.

Send files. You can send a multitude of files on WhatsApp on an unlimited basis. As of 2017 the service no longer supports sending large files. Check your file size before sending. The limit should be 16 MB.

Desktop version. Some people are very comfortable typing on their phones but others are not. For the user that wants to type on a PC keyboard, WhatsApp Web is available to download on your laptop or desktop. Follow the instructions after installing and link up your phone to the program.

Easy connections. No usernames, no passwords, no searching for someone with no luck. Your username is your phone number. You appear in someone’s WhatsApp list if they have you in their contacts. The same works for you. Your contacts instantly become available to chat with once you open the app.

No login. The app is always running in the background and you never need to log in. If your internet connection is turned off, your messages are stored on magical servers until you re-enable your connection.

Privacy. Your contacts will always see if you’re online. They will also see if you have seen their messages. You can enable privacy mode and turn these features off.

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