Trump to Nominate John Ratcliffe to Become Next Director of National Intelligence

We have recently heard of President Donald Trump’s nomination of John Ratcliffe for the replacement of Dan Coats as the next Director of National Intelligence. We have also heard how this nomination would launch a lawmaker that has less than five years of national experience on the pinnacle of the US espionage. We are talking about one of the most powerful jobs in the government.

It also shows what would be likely to happen. The confirmation battle is not a friendly one, with critics that keep arguing that he earned a nomination as a reward for his loyalty to Trump and not because he’s fit for the role.

The Republican has been a very known critique of Robert Mueller, and his investigation about the collusion between Russia and the campaign that Trump had in 2016. He talked about it at the special counsel during House hearings last week, and this has probably made the President like him so much.

What has Obama to do with this?

He also said that there were some crimes committed during the administration of Obama with regards to the event that led to Mueller’s probe. He called for investigations on Sunday in order to get the truth.

Meanwhile, Trump tweeted about the matter, and he said that Ratcliffe would be nominated as next Director of National Intelligence. He stated he was pleased to announce that highly respected Congressman John Ratcliffe of Texas will be chosen by him to be the Director of National Intelligence.

Ratcliffe said in a statement that he’s not going to accuse any person of any crime. He then proceeded to say that he wants a fair process to get there. Also, from what he knows as a former federal prosecutor, it appears that the crimes were committed while Obama was in charge.

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