Trump Calls Elijah Cummings a Bully. Here’s the Story Behind

President Donald Trump named Rep. Elijah Cummings a bully after he showed his behavior with regards to the border patrol officials at committee hearings. He describes Cumming’s district worse and dangerous than the southern border is. He stated that Cummings has screamed and shouted at the great men and women from the Border Patrol about the conditions from the Southern Border when his district is far worse and even more dangerous.

Trump was actually referring to Cummings’ questions about the border officials in his role as the chairman of the House Oversight Committee. He yelled at the Homeland Security chief Kevin McAleenan for saying that the department was doing its best with regards to the humanitarian crisis at the border.

Why was Cummings upset?

He asked what does it mean when a child is sitting in their own feces, and they cannot take a shower. He also stated that none of them has their children in that position and that they are human beings.

Later, Cummings questioned if there was an empathy deficit, which seemed to anger McAleenan, who then said that agents make more than 4000 rescues every year. The comments also angered Trump, who said that the detention centers from the borders are clean and efficient, and well-run, but that they are just very crowded. Trump then proceeded to compare those conditions to those from Cummings’ district.

Trump stated that Cummings’ District is disgusting, a mess full of rats and rodents. He then suggested that, if he spent more time in Baltimore, he could be able to clean up the filthy place. He tweeted that, before calling for an investigation of why Baltimore receives so much federal funding.

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