The Sims 5 Latest Leaks Pattern and Strategies

The franchise The Sims had gained millions of fans all over the world by now. And even long before the official announcement from Electronic Arts and Maxis, the fans were expecting and anticipating the Sims 5. What is more interesting is the fact that the release of the new game was speculated right after The Sims 4 appeared to the world. But the pressure about the new game is still there, and everyone is asking when the new title will be released and if it’s in development at this time?

The Sims gained fans because of the life simulation added into a video game, and it’s practically running the industry today on this gaming department. The developers are still working on the previous titles, and they are releasing expansion packs with a lot of fixes and new gameplays. But, when the public wants more, you have to give more. So this is the case of The Sims 5, everyone wants the new title from EA and Maxis.

However, even at this date, we don’t have an official confirmation of the new title from the developers, or more precisely, if the game is in progress. At the most awaited event of this year, the fans were anticipating that EA will announce at E3 something about The Sims 5. Unfortunately, nothing came, only the announcement of the Island Living for The Sims 4.

Also, if we are looking at the pattern and strategies the game developers are having, we have two options. The first one is to follow the pattern of The Sims. This means that all the titles were released at around five years gap. If this is the case now, then we could see The Sims 5 this year.  The second option is to look at EA’s declaration that said that the sequel would come only if the current game is not successful.

Finally, if EA isn’t making any official announcement, there is no hope to see The Sims 5 this year. But we are hoping that they don’t forget about the fan base.

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