Tesla Software Update for Adaptive Suspension

The Model S and the Model X will get a software update that will improve the adaptive suspension damping, among other improvements. These vehicles were launched in April, in their updated forms and Tesla has incorporated a series of upgrades into them.

Tesla have commented that the fully adaptive damping will give their vehicles an “ultra-cushioned feel”. This will be especially felt when making a longer journey on a highway or when using the Autopilot. The new suspension feature is said to promote dynamic driving.

Update your Tesla OS

Vehicles from Tesla have received a major marketing tactic as software updates will actually provide improvements to the performance of the vehicles. Much like you get OS updates on your mobile devices.

Something that most motorists would have never thought possible until now. As even the tiniest modification required customers to purchase another vehicle if they were so inclined. It was not like spending up to $1000 for a smartphone but many actually got a new car every 2 years with a specialized leasing program. Many still do.

This update and possibly future updates will only be available on Model S and Model X vehicles that have been sold from April 2019. Other updates will depend on what type of car the client has.

High-speed driving

Tesla have also said that the suspension upgrade will improve driving at high speeds. The damping algorithms will function on both Standard and Sport modes. The upgrade has been developed to function at a speed of 160 km ( 100 mph ) and beyond.

Speaker update

When stopping to drop off or pick up a passenger the music volume will be automatically lowered so you can have a word with that person. This triggers when the passenger door is opened.

If your phone is paired with the vehicle via Bluetooth, its volume settings will be subjected to the functions of the car. The speaker volume will be automatically lowered, regardless of your phone volume settings.

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