Tekken 7 Developers Big Time Prank

For all the fans out there it was a surprise, for others a dream come true, but in reality, they all got pranked, big time by the Tekken 7 developer. Offering new information about a character was all the fans could ask for, but in a fair way! Find out more the decision of the developer to create a state of disappointing and despair.

As what it seemed to be a simple game in the beginning, Tekken succeeded to reach the incredible number of 7 series, all of them being launched worldwide. The Japanese developer, Bandai Namco Entertainment, created these series of fighting and arcade games in 1994. Since then it gathered thousands of fans from around the world, who formed the largest fanbase ever.

Once with the release of the new series, Tekken 7, many features were presented as well, and a few, like in this case, proved to be false. But why would the developers trick their fans like this? It could be part of their promotional campaign or maybe they have something else hidden in their false announcement.

The stir was made because of a teaser video released by EVO organizers in which a character, Snake, appeared to be the next one to get in the 7 series. However, it turned up to be, according to organizers just a ‘little joke’, fact that it didn’t help fans at all. The EVO organizers also stated that they have done this like a solely decision on their own, without talking with Bandai Namco.

On the other hand, developers announced at the Tekken World Tour 2019, that a new character, however, will be introduced in the game. Leroy Smith will be the latest addition to the game, and it will come through its Season Pass 3. This 3rd Pass will bring as well, another two characters, a stage and a brand new option.

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