Spotify will add karaoke features, car interface and offline playback on “free” accounts

Despite the fact that Spotify is the leader in the music streaming market, the company does not sleep on one ear, knowing that services such as Apple Music and YouTube Music are lagging behind, which could attract users with more attractive functions. Thus, the Swedish company is constantly investing in improving the services offered, especially in the case of the mobile application, but also to maintain its “Spotify free” user base, which does not pay a subscription. The following updates will bring a number of new features for all users.

Spotify is already testing new features for both Premium and Free accounts

One of the more “social” features that Spotify will receive is support for karaoke sessions. Thus, the lyrics of the song will be displayed on the phone screen in real time, while the volume of the voice on the song could be reduced or increased, according to your preferences.

This feature could also complement the ability of Group Sessions, presented just a few weeks ago and which will also receive improvements. Group sessions will allow users on the same Wi-Fi network to connect to the same wireless speaker and put music together locally.

For those who use Spotify in the car, the mobile app will receive a more user-oriented interface in this mode, with larger buttons in the Now Playing section and a dedicated button for voice control. Of course, the application can also be controlled with Google Assistant, through Google OK.

Eventually, users of the “Free” version of the service will receive another part of the benefits that only those who paid a premium subscription usually received. It seems that Spotify plans to give them the opportunity to download and listen to 30 minutes of offline songs a day. Until now, “Free” services involved listening to songs exclusively online, via streaming. The update will allow you to download songs from the new playlist in the Auto-Refresh category, which will automatically download new songs, while users will be able to add their favorite songs there as well.

All of these features appear to be active in the test version of the app, while some users can already access them. This is probably a limited test, and once Spotify has enough user feedback, it will gradually activate them on everyone’s accounts.

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