South Korea has changed its mind: Schools will not be reopened this week. What is happening in the country that was given as an example in the pandemic

South Korea has been forced to postpone the reopening of schools, which was scheduled for this week, as the decision to ease restrictions on social distancing has brought a new series of illnesses to Seoul, according to FT.

The decision comes as the government seeks to clarify the situation of the 5,000 people who were exposed to the virus last week in nightclubs and bars in Itaewon – the district that concentrates nightlife in the South Korean capital.

Park Baek-beom, a deputy in the Ministry of Education, said the decision was “inevitable” in the context of fears of a new wave of Covid-19 infections.

The resumption of school activity will now start in stages, starting with May 20th.

“We will take steps to protect students, which is our top priority. We ask the population to cooperate a little more to make sure that students can learn in a safe environment, “said Park Baek-boem.

After several days without new cases reported, South Korea has registered 85 new illnesses, highlighting the challenges facing countries trying to escape the devastating economic effects of the restrictions.

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