Shady Apps Available on Google Play Store can Scam you Without you even Noticing

iOS users, you should be careful with the apps that you install on your phone because some of them are not safe and can scam you into making unauthorized expensive purchases. We’ll give you all the details about it.

If you thought that this bad thing was only possible on Google Play Store, you were wrong and we’ll tell you why. You should stay away from a specific app available on iOS because it will trick into making a transaction you didn’t ask for.

What does this app do?

Well, we’re talking about an alleged app that you can use if you want to know your heart rate. The app was banned before because people found out that they were being scammed by it. But how does the app work and how is the shady part happening? Apparently, the app uses your fingerprint Touch ID scanner because it wants to measure your pulse, but that’s not everything. Your fingerprint is actually used in order to make an unauthorized $89 transaction. Of course that no one wants this to happen and that’s why you need to be very careful with the apps that you download on your smartphone. Some of them can scam you and you won’t even notice it.

After it came back on App Store, this shady app was reported by 9to5Mac. If you thought it couldn’t be worse, we have for you more bad news. We found out through a report from Apps Exposed that there are more than 500 apps that can scam you by using shady methods.

Our piece of advice for you

For your own safety, you should be very careful when you’re downloading new apps. First, you might want to read a lot of reviews. Then, look for that list put together by Apps Exposed and stay away from the apps that appear there.

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