Shadow Fight 3 Free Gems with New Codes

Shadow Fight 3 comes from a popular RPG series. The more in your face action sort rather than the sneaky stealth sort. The third installment in the franchise saw a worldwide release in late 2017 and has been upgraded from that 2D Street Fighter arcade-style to shiny 3D.

As per the title, the Shadow is the key story element in the game, as two factions are experiencing hostilities due to a difference of opinion. Shadow Energy is no longer in the mind of the common people but the Legion faction fears it might destroy everything. The Dynasty faction is safeguarding the Shadow Energy and wants to use it to solve their problems.

The third game in the series is the first one to have detailed character creation as a feature. The player can customize anything from the gender of the avatar to their hair color.

The game is quite fun and interesting due to the fluidity of the fighting styles that mirrors real life. Gear choices really enhance the style of the avatar, resulting in hundreds of unique moves and combos.

Shadow Fight 3 Cheating options

You don’t need to use cheats to fully enjoy the game but there are a lot of options that require massive amounts of resources. If you are a completionist, then you might want to unlock everything by using some cheats.

Cheats work if you have the official version of the game. Open the section in the game menu to enter the unlimited gem cheat codes below.

You can also get an online hacking tool to basically unlock every option in the game. This gives you endless amounts of resources that you can use to buy everything.

The third option is to not use the official version of the game at all. Instead, use the hacked version that comes with everything already unlocked.

Shadow Fight 3 Cheat Codes

  • NB_elVBVxI3YF: This cheat code gives you Bag of gems
  • PZ_wxnVjPEmbY: This one is for the big pile of gems
  • IF_3rPnO67C8F: Casket of gems
  • BW_8m01CaRXpb: Chest of gems
  • DU_05oA7XDuW4: Huge chests of gems
  • QU_98sDKolJ3u: Pile of gems

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