Samsung unveils a 1 TB storage chip for phones

The next generation of smartphones could be the first to come with an integrated storage of 1 terabyte (TB), the equivalent of 43 one-hour videos in 4K, thanks to an innovation from Samsung (New Window) .

The South Korean electronics manufacturer managed to keep the storage space in a chip the same size as the 512 GB it had presented last year. Samsung says this is the first time the 1TB threshold has been exceeded for a chip using Embedded Universal Flash Storage (eUFS) technology.

The eUFS chips are hard disks using flash memory, whose particularity is to be very fast. They are directly implanted on the phone’s motherboard, which further improves their speed.

The Galaxy Note 9 phone, introduced last year by Samsung, boasted of being the first to offer 1 TB of storage, but it had to rely on a microSD card of 512 GB to reach this threshold. These cards, however, are not as fast as an eUFS chip. Samsung claims that its new chip will have a transfer rate 10 times higher than a microSD card.

This announcement from Samsung brings credibility to persistent rumors that its future Galaxy S10 phone is equipped with an internal storage of 1 TB.

Samsung plans to expand its production plants by the end of June to meet the anticipated strong demand for its 1TB eUFS chips.

With information from CNet and Engadget

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