Samsung Galaxy S11 – Everything We Know About It​

Samsung Galaxy S series is among the highest expected device launches every year. After a minor upgrade with the S9 series, Samsung’s S10 lineup brought heaven to its users with the Infinity-O display design, triple back cameras, and an affordable version.

The next reveal, the Samsung Galaxy S11 will come about in just a few months. Here is everything we know about the Samsung Galaxy S11.

We will probably get three different models

Samsung has been consistent over the years with the release of two Galaxy S series​ versions: the regular model and a Plus one. However, when the third model, Galaxy S10e, accompanying the Galaxy S10, and Galaxy S10 Plus has been released, it took the world by surprise.

With regards to the S11, people are expecting Samsung to stick with the three-smartphone launch. Also, if the dubbing pattern remains the same, we will get an S11, an S11 Plus, and an S11e.

Along with the three S10 versions, Samsung also released a fourth model, the Galaxy S10 5G. If we are to compare how widely available the 5G network will be when the S11 launches, we can definitely say Samsung will release the regular S11e with a default 5G support.

Design and Looks

No words until now regarding the design of the Samsung Galaxy S11. When it comes to the display, the most notable difference between the Note 10 and the S10 is the camera cutout, being in the center of the screen, rather than on the right side of it.

We should probably expect something similar with the Galaxy S11, but some fans suggest that the device will have a full display, with a pop-up selfie camera.

We can also assume that the new flagship will feature three rear cameras, and a time-of-flight sensor also found on the S10 5G.

What will the specs be like?

Again, no official reveals have been made, and we can only make some assumptions regarding the Galaxy S11’s specs. We expect the new flagship to come with an AMOLED display, powered by Qualcomm’s next-generation processor, probably going by the name of Snapdragon 856, and to have a minimum of 6GB of RAM.

The device is also speculated to support expandable storage. With the Note 10 removing the headphone jack, we can neither say for sure if the port will be featured in the S11 or it will come without it. One thing we can bet on: the Galaxy S11 will sport a fantastic camera set.

Samsung revealed its new camera sensor back in May, able of shooting 64MP pictures with an impressive pixel size of 0.8μm​, and also support for real-time HDR and 480FPS video at 1080p full HD.

In terms of software, SamMobile claimed that the Samsung Galaxy S11 would be running the Android Q and One UI 2.1.

Samsung Galaxy S11 Series Price

To make a comparison, this is the retail pricing of the Samsung Galaxy S10 series:

  • Galaxy S10e – From $750
  • Galaxy S10 – From $900
  • Galaxy S10 Plus –  From $1000
  • Galaxy S10 5G – From $1300

Smartphones are prone to get more and more expensive, and this will likely be the case for the S11 series as well. How much the price will rise, it still remains unclear, but it is expected that next year’s smartphones to be much more expensive.

Release date

Samsung has announced its Galaxy S series in February, starting with two years ago. The reveal was made before MWC, with the S10 being announced on February the 20th and the Galaxy S9 on February the 25th.

Considering these last releases’ date, we can say that the Galaxy S11 will also be announced in February, with pre-orders being available shortly after.

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