Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Insights – Bigger and Better Impact

The new Galaxy Note 10, smoothly shaped like a box and with new features, it’s finally making its arrival!

Samsung’s new release it’s going to be spectacular in so many ways and we can’t wait until its release on August 7. Here are some features that we should take into consideration.

The official images show us how effortlessly and flawlessly the design was created. Developers went for straight lines, creating a box shaped design, thin edges and a well-positioned, front-facing camera. They also went for two color choices, classic black and a glittery silver. There are also going to be two different options for its size, a ‘Plus’ model and a ‘Pro’ one. Both devices will have an incredible back camera with three lenses, and the ‘Plus’ version will come with an additional depth-sensing camera setup. We don’t have yet a preview of the bottom, but Galaxy Note 10 will be Samsung’s first model without a headphone jack.

It is believed that the device will not have the extra physical side button, called Bixby and a new feature will be introduced. Maybe the developers will use a Pixel-style pressure motion to launch Bixby? However, its display is rumored to be approximately 6.3 inch for the ‘Pro’ version and 6.7 for the ‘Plus’ one. More details will be announced soon with its big arrival!

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