Samsung Galaxy 10 running Android 10 with One UI 2.0

Android 10 has been recently confirmed to be the name of Google’s newest OS. The company has put some serious pants on and ditched the dessert names for the OS. This was done to eliminate user confusion around the world.

The OS is still not out yet in its official version because beta testing is still being done. But a recent video from Brazil got us a leak into the official version on a Samsung Galaxy 10. A Youtuber from Brazil under the name Dudu Rocha somehow gave us a sneak peek into the final version of the OS.

What does the video say?

Android is developed by Google and it is mostly universal for all devices. But each manufacturer tinkers with the OS for their specific device lineup. Samsung has done the same with the Android 10 update as seen on this particular Galaxy 10 phone.

We also get a look of the company’s new One UI 2.0 that will be officially showcased at the Samsung Developer Conference in October. But there is a slight issue for people that do not speak Portuguese. As the video is in this language and we can’t actually understand everything the Youtuber is saying, even with subtitles. Thanks, Youtube.

Android 10 changes for Samsung

From what we can tell, most of the changes with Android 10 on the Galaxy 10 will be cosmetic. Some fancy new gesture controls have been developed for the company’s devices.

Samsung will have a new screen recording feature on the Galaxy Note 10 that will certainly please a specific sector of users. These mostly post mobile game videos or explainer videos on Youtube.

What can you believe?

Samsung have not commented on the leak and we can’t actually confirm the authenticity of what the Brazilian Youtuber is saying about the OS and the device. Every manufacturer is putting their own two cents into the development of Android 10 and most of them will showcase their versions this Autumn.

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