Samsung could use LCD screens provided by LG, equipping future low-cost TV models

Although it has stopped the production of LCD screens in its own factories, concentrating its efforts on the development of the OLED alternative, Samsung does not give up the offer of TVs that still use them.

Even if it keeps the Samsung logo on the case, future QLED TV models and some low-cost phones will actually be assembled with screens supplied by other vendors. Following negotiations with AUO and TCL, Samsung seems to want to avoid possible complications caused by trade bans imposed by the US, opting for a supplier of screens outside China. And what better choice than LG Display, a South Korean manufacturer.

Samsung will deliver LCD TVs with screens produced by rival LG
The plan is for Samsung to simply order LCD panels supplied by other manufacturers that still have them on offer, adding Quantum Dot technology as part of the LED light source. Used as a temporary arrangement, the solution would allow the gradual migration of the offer of TVs to exclusively OLED models, without stopping the production of LCD screens to disturb the supply of stores with QLED TVs of the current generation.

Although rivals in many market segments, the two companies have had “life-saving” collaborations in the past, with LG delivering 65- and 75-inch LCD panels in 2017, after Sharp abruptly stopped deliveries of screens to Samsung.

Although they can still deliver very good image quality, aided by advanced technologies such as Quantum DOT lighting, LCD screens have long since reached their limits, the main motivation for using them remaining low cost compared to the OLED alternative. Apparently, even using screens ordered from rival vendors, profit margins remain good enough to continue delivering QLED TVs.

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