PS5 and Xbox Scarlett Available in 2020 – How Much Would You Pay For Them?

How much money would you pay for the next-gen consoles? Some players answered a survey regarding the price of the next-gen tech and we have the results for you. Keep reading if you want to find out all about it.

All about the survey

We’re expecting PS5 and Xbox Scarlett to arrive next year, but since then we are wondering how would the players pay for the next-gen consoles.

The good news is that one website made it easier for us. made a survey in order to find out how much money the consumers would be willing to pay in order to purchase the new PS5. Over 5000 people took the survey and we’ll tell you what they voted.

The results of the survey

The consumers would pay somewhere between €400 and €600. This price is bigger than the one for the previous model, PS4. We’re talking about a jump from £350 to £550. We can’t say that we didn’t expect this to happen considering the new features and all of the improvements that PS5 will bring.

The survey showed that the players would be willing to pay extra for the next-gen tech.

We don’t have official information regarding the price of the new PSP 5 or Xbox Scarlett. At this point, the developers are very discreet about it and refuse to reveal more details. All we know for sure is that PS5 will be more expensive than PS4 and that’s totally normal.

The competition is always very big and Sony might also choose a cheaper price for PSP 5. That would encourage the costumers to buy the new PSP 5 instead of Xbox Scarlett.

That’s all we have so far regarding the price of the next-gen consoles. We’ll keep you posted and we’ll let you know if we have new exciting news for you.

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