Pokemon Sword & Shield New Updates – What We Know So Far?

Previous problems

Pokemon Sword & Shield generated lots of backlash, mainly about the National Pokedex, which is gone.

The recent Pokemon: Let’s go Pickachu and Let’s go Eevie  surprised fans of the series pleasantly at first, promising the true Pokemon RPG experience that gamers craved ever since the beginning of the Pokemon game series.

Gotta catch them all… or at least some of them

For the first time in the history of Pokemon games, players can’t collect every Pokemon. This was the main cause of angry reacts of gamers right from the E3 2019 presentation of Pokemon Sword & Shield.

The new game will have a set number of available Pokemon, and the only Pokemon that can be possibly encountered are from the Galar region, mainly because, after so many years of adding new Pokemon to games, it’s a tough job to include all of them in a single game, so probably the following Pokemon games won’t feature all the Pokemon from previous games.

People put accent on the fact that not being able to encounter all the Pokemon goes against the motto of the series. How could you “catch ‘em all” if you can’t even see them all?

Hopes in vain

Gamers hoped that the missing Pokemon would be added in following updates, but the official response to this is that we’ll never see the rest of the Pokemon featured in the National Pokedex in Pokemon Sword & Shield.

Dated graphics

The new Pokemon game doesn’t seem to cease disappointing players: Even though the Nintendo Switch is a modern and powerful gaming console, the graphics of the new Pokemon game are a bit lackluster for no good reason: The developers were no longer limited by the hardware of the console, so a great graphical progress was expected, but most gamers even compared the new game to the previous Pokemon games that run on handheld consoles. That’s unfortunate.

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