Pokemon GO’s Water Festival Introduces Two New Shiny Pokemon

Pokemon has given the start to its Water Festival, which comes with a multitude of bonuses. These new bonuses bring lots of new content and characters in the game, for instance, two new shiny pokemon that have players excited.​

The first shiny addition made available during the Pokemon GO Water Festival is Barboach, which is also known as ‘the whiskers pokemon.’ The new addition usually has a grey body, blue fins, whiskers, and an uneven black line on its sides. The shiny version is quite alike, but it has yellow whiskers and fins, and a white body.

Barboachs ​are Water but also Ground pokemon. This means that it is vulnerable in the face of a Grass-type pokemon and moves, so don’t use Sceptile, Roselias, or Grovyle. Even so, Barboachs are resistant to Steel, Poison, Fire, and Rock, so you might want to use Steelix, Hypno, and Drapion. Water Gun and Mud Bomb are among the best moves you can make but take into consideration how rapidly a Mud Shot can fire off.

The Barboach transforms into a Whiscash, which is quite ordinary against the more exclusive pokemon which are ruling the meta at the moment.

The second shiny pokemon added to the game is Carvanha. Its usual form comes as a blue top, red belly, and yellow fins. The shiny variant has more gold or green color on the top and a light blue on the belly.

This new pokemon is a Water and Dark character, which makes it weak against Bug, Grass, Fairy, Electric, and Fighting types and moves. You might not want to match it against Deoxys, Machamps, and Breloom. Carvanha​ is strong when put against Fire, Ice, Water, Dark, Steel, Ghost, and Psychic, which makes is vulnerable to Metagross, Hypno, and Slowbro.

To create a lot of damage, use Bite and Crunch, and also a perfectly timed Snarl to switch the tide, pun intended. The Carvanha​ transforms into a Sharpedo. Even if it is a severe damage maker, it has very little defense.

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