PlayStation prices might suddenly go up as PS5 is almost here

We are getting closer to the release of the PlayStation 5 as days go by, and some bad news for Sony fans might be on their way, unfortunately.

Conflicts and consequences

For those who do not know, the United States of America and China are in the middle of an economic conflict. We will spare you the details and jump straight to the consequences: Sony announced that the trading conflict between the two countries could possibly output a notable rise in prices of PlayStation consoles. That is right, consoles, because both the PS4 and the PS5 are produced (and respectively, will be produced) in China.

A post on the Wall Street Journal says that Sony has reasons to believe that Trump’s administration plan to introduce greater tariffs on products from China translates to very unpleasant news for American customers as they might have to pay more for the same console.

How much of an expense?

It’s approximated that taxes of Chinese – produced goods could be bumped up by an additional 15%, which will make the export of the PS4 and PS5 less profitable for Sony.

Hiroki Totoki, finance chief of Sony declared that they are carefully monitoring their options in case China and the US won’t come to a favorable agreement.

Who will be affected?

The price of the PS4 most likely won’t suddenly go up considerably, as there’s a huge stock of PS4 consoles in the United States, but for the PS5 the situation might be a lot worse.

The PS5 is greatly awaited after a spectacular tech demo which compared it with the PS4 Pro: The PS4 took about 15 seconds to fast travel to a location in Spiderman, a task that took the PS5 less than a second thanks to state of the art solid state drive tech.

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