Overwatch New Hero: Release Date, Leaks, Abilities and lore

Overwatch developers recently added the greatly awaited character Sigma, whose gravity-manipulating abilities amazed players. However, the next hero from Blizzard might be only months away and his name is Mauga. People might be already wondering who is Mauga, also known as Hero 32, and how will his appearance affect the game after he’s released.

The patch released on August 13 introduced some fundamental changes to how Overwatch is played. The new Role Queue system locks players into a role, obliging them to build their team with two tanks, two supports and two damage heroes, and this might affect the kind of character Hero 32 ends up being.

Blizzard has recently revealed some hints towards who is the next playable character of Overwatch, how they will play and a bit of their backstory.

Who is Hero 32?

Evidence suggests that Hero 32 will be Mauga, a Talon Heavy Assault soldier and former friend of Baptiste, and was introduced in a June 17 short story titled “What You Left Behind”. This lore snippet was part of the Baptiste Reunion Challenge.

Blizzard fully intended to release Mauga as Hero 31 but devs felt like he didn’t fit the role that they wanted to fill, as they were thinking of adding a beefy shield tank, so Sigma took his spot.

“We were having a lot of difficulties finding out how he was going to use a barrier, when he’s much more of a close range, berserker, melee kinda guy,” said Joshua Noh, associate game designer.

Release date

After analyzing the pattern of previous hero releases, it’s expected to see the implementation of Mauga in late November or early December.

Mauga might end up being a big-bodied damage hero with massive burst potential, just like Doomfist.

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