Nintendo Switch Free Games with Eshop Bonus

Users that operate on Nintendo Switch can choose to refresh their gaming experience by downloading a free game from the Eshop. Nintendo has prepared an impressive list of free games on their platform.  The list includes Fortnite, Warframe, and Paladins. All of which are becoming more and more popular online.

DC comes to Nintendo Switch

If you’re more into superheroes than anything else, DC characters are coming to the Switch by way of DC Universe Online. The game features a massive open-world scenario with appearances from Justice League members in a 30 episode content pack.

The online game does not require a Switch membership to play. DC Online will be running on a brand new server on Nintendo Switch. So, it will have a smooth ride on the platform.

You can expect characters like Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman to show up and say hello in the many locations across the world. You can go and punch a mugger in Gotham, chill out in the sunny skies of Metropolis, and get stared down by Aquaman in Atlantis.

Create your own superhero

Because this is an online game with probably millions of players, you can’t play as set characters in the DC Universe. But you can interact with them and even go on missions together. DC superheroes like to get their hands dirty, so some of them will get in the foxhole with you.

What you need to do is create your own custom superhero that has whatever skillset you like. Let’s say you like Batman a lot but you can’t play him. This isn’t the Arkham series. The next best to do is go in the character creator and build a replica of the hero, with much of the same look and skills. Then you can go talk to Batman and see who is more broody.

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