Nintendo Replaces Switch Consoles With Newer Model​

Nintendo is now allowing some Switch owners to replace their consoles with the model that has a better battery life if it only passed a month or less since they have acquired the system.

According to some posts on Reddit, Nintendo has announced to its clients that they can send in an older Switch model to get it replaced with a new one, free of charge. However, the offer to upgrade to the newest version of the popular Nintendo Switch seems to be limited to users who bought the original model of the console on or after July the 17th, which is the very day Nintendo quietly revealed the new version.

Other Reddit users backed up the claim that the consoles are restricted to those who purchased the system on and after July the 17th. A particular user said that Nintendo told them that it would replace the unit acquired approximately a week and a half ago with a revision product. The user proceeded to say the gaming giant told them to send it on its own money, as the shipping costs, insurance and so on, will not be paid by the company. There will also be no label offered.

“They sent me an email with a case # and shipping address. If I follow those instructions, they will replace the unit,”​ the Reddit user concluded.

Nintendo has confirmed the offer to Polygon. The gaming giant told the publication that Switch owners would have to pay for the shipping and insurance costs if they want to have a replacement of their system. Customers will also need to transfer their acquisition by utilizing their Nintendo Switch Online account.

At this time, the offer appears to be available to users located in the US and Canada, and it is not clear whether it will be accessible in other countries. Nintendo did not mention a time limit for the offer, so those who are interested may want to take advantage of it as soon as possible.

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