a bluetooth cassette player is retro nostalgia without wires

It took 40 years to get there, but here it is! A Bluetooth tape player has just been introduced by NINM Lab, just in time to mark the fortieth anniversary of the Sony Walkman.

If you thought they had disappeared, know that the cassettes are still very much alive. Like vinyl, the tapes are currently experiencing a renaissance, more and more artists choosing to offer their albums on this once popular format.

The cassettes may not have the sound qualities of the record, but they have a major advantage: they are portable.

The new device proposed by NINM Lab, called IT’S OK, takes advantage of the current wave of nostalgia for old electronics. In addition to the ability to listen to music through wireless headphones or a Bluetooth speaker, nothing really distinguishes the NINM Lab player from those of 30 years ago. The device even has a 3.5 mm headphone jack, for people who would like to fully relive the glorious era of the Walkman.

In the age of music on demand, nostalgia could quickly fade away when those who own this player will remember the inconvenience of having to rewind tapes, record live radio and carry a multitude of small plastic cases to change the musical style at leisure.

Never mind, NINM Lab still offers IT’S OK at $83.50 on Kickstarter.

When will the eight-track Bluetooth player be a thing?

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