Moon Takes Food Orders Now

Probably this is a thing you think you’ll never hear it, but how about serving a meal on the Moon? Will a special takeaway still be appreciated? Find out how the strangest thing happened just on the Moon, and you’ll probably think twice.

When you’re on a mission to outer space, food will be the last thing you’ll be thinking of. The best of them all know better, Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong, of course, couldn’t appreciate the meal on Moon that much. So, when you’re an astronaut, you must understand in any circumstance, that food doesn’t come in many options during your mission or stay into space.

To understand this fact better, let’s think at this food thing, as a technique, because there is indeed a system to take food into space, to make it eatable and so on. The food must be preserved firstly, then re-formed it, for real, for when an astronaut will be ready to eat. It seems like we already lost our interest, right? Well, life’s hard in space, and so it’s the food.

Going back to our heroes, Aldrin and Armstrong, their historic meal was really strange, too. Making it the first meal ever served somewhere that is not our planet, the two of them only enjoyed two meals!

Imagine some bacon chopped in little squares, add some sugar in the shape of a cookie and then bring some coffee, too. That was the ideal meal for the two astronauts who made it history.

They, however, enjoy it, because let’s face it, the resources were like, not at all?! But after their trip, they were happily served with some ‘cocktail sausages and some fruit punch’.

Nowadays, the food options vary and we’re very happy about this, because scientists assured us that the possibility of living in space onboard the International Space Station it’s possible and we could enjoy some great deals of a meal, like turkey, sweets and, why not, a fruitcake!

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