Miele introduces Smart Food ID – the first video camera that recognizes food and automatically adjusts the cooking process

According to Miele, artificial intelligence-controlled cookers identify food from the oven, automatically adapting the baking process, while another virtual assistant guides you with step-by-step instructions on the way to the perfect steak. Conveniently, all of this can be controlled from a single smartphone app.

Miele introduces Smart Food ID – a video camera with “facial” recognition for food

A year ago, Miele introduced the first video camera placed inside an oven, which transmits real-time images of the dishes, so that users can adjust the temperature parameters in real time, directly from the mobile phone.

In 2020, artificial intelligence reinvents the idea of ​​facial recognition and applies it to food. In other words, the new “Smart Food ID” feature, introduced for the 7000 Generation of Miele ovens, can identify every dish put in the oven, whether it’s potato wedges, Mediterranean prepared vegetables or muffins, automatically adjusting the settings. Users only need to confirm that the preparation displayed on the oven display is correct, and it will start the appropriate program on its own. At this time, the camera can recognize up to 20 types of food, but the list is constantly updated.

Pizza lovers are also pampered with the help of artificial intelligence. All they have to do is select whether the pizza placed in the oven is frozen or fresh, and the “Smart Browning Control” function will use the same HD camera to determine when the dish is baked and turn off the oven. The 2 innovations are perfectly complemented by the “TasteControl” function, which prevents food from drying out by opening the oven door at the end of the process, so that the temperature drops by up to 100 degrees in just 5 minutes. Subsequently, the door is closed back automatically and the preparation kept warm by the “Keeping warm” function.

Both “Smart Food ID” and “Smart Browning Control” will be available soon, via a simple remote update, and will be compatible with models purchased last year.

CookAssist – the virtual guide for second-hand chefs

For amateur chefs, who are not necessarily best friends with the term “ideal temperature”, Miele comes to the rescue with an upgrade of the “CookAssist” virtual assistant. Also part of the general Miele Smart Home application, this electronic guide connects wirelessly to the induction hob and, with the help of dozens of stored recipes, guides users step by step, including photos, through the entire preparation process. Basically, they can follow the heating curve of the hob in real time, and when the “TempControl” sensor detects the ideal temperature, the application will send a notification on the mobile device. Subsequently, based on high-performance algorithms, the hob will keep the temperature constant and will warn users only about the time when the steak, for example, needs to be turned, as well as about the completion of the cooking process.

With the help of the KptnCook start-up, Miele will provide customers who use this innovative function with 3 quick recipes every day, which do not last more than 30 minutes. Users will receive both detailed instructions, as well as photos with the finished product, as well as a personalized shopping list for each dish.

The new generation of the Miele @ mobile application, renamed the Miele Smart Home App, has been transformed into a real ecosystem.

The application can be used to control all Miele Wi-Fi enabled appliances, but it also turns into a kitchen assistant or personal valet. With the help of the application, users will also be able to control espresso machines, choosing the ideal coffee recipe, which will be saved for future coffee cups.

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