iPhone 11 Screen size, Mockup vs accuracy

We’re getting closer and closer to the release of Apple’s new iPhone. After months of leaks and speculations, there’s finally a video of a materialized phone, not just a concept or a computer render. We’re not talking about a finished phone, just an up to scale mockup (the entire body) constructed for designers and retailers of phone accessories to use as a dummy model for their products.

How it looks

The front of the phone doesn’t seem to look different to its predecessor aspect-wise. As the video only presents a mockup (and therefore no functional display) there’s nothing to speak of performance-wise.

Turn the phone over and the story changes completely: The first thing that strikes you is the rectangular and glossy camera bump. It looks stunning and futuristic.

The phone’s body seems to have kept comparable proportions to the iPhone XS, XS Max and XR.

At the bottom of the model there seems to be a Lightning port, even though early rumours suggested that the new iPhone will feature USB type C connectivity. However, this is just a mockup, so there still is hope for adepts of USB type C.

Screen size

Representatives of screen protector manufacturers say that the size of the display will be “almost, if not exactly the same” as the current generation iPhones.

Mockup vs accuracy

There’s one detail of the mockup presented in the video that concerns Apple fans: The Apple logo is placed a lot lower than expected. In case of other phones this wouldn’t be considered such a big deal, but since we’re talking about an iPhone, the part of the phone’s case where the logo is located is usually cut in order to reveal it.

These models, nonetheless, seem to be believable, as lots of famous and trustworthy youtubers used them in their review videos.

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