iPhone 11 Pro Comes with Big Changes

Fans of Apple should be aware, iPhone 11 comes with big changes

Since the release of iPhone X about 2 years ago, there were some people unsatisfied with Apple’s smartphone and they demanded some improvements for the next devices created by the Californian company. Will iPhone 11 Pro be the dream smartphone for the fans of Apple? We may find out if we watch the new video uploaded by ConceptsiPhone that shows the future smartphone in all its beauty, or we can just wait for the official launch event on September 10.

Probably the biggest difference is the one about taking photos, at least on the two higher-end iPhone 11 units: the new devices will have a square camera module on the back that houses 3 lenses capable of working together in order to provide ultra-wide-angle photos on the smartphones’ big beautiful screens. There has to be mentioned that there are not any differences when it comes to the screens. iPhone 11 will have a 6.1-inch screen like the previous iPhone XR, while there will be two models of iPhone 11 Pro with 5.8-inch and 6.5-inch screens.

Some other important changes that you should consider when buying iPhone 11 or iPhone 11 Pro would be a new multi-angle Face ID sensor, a much faster A13 processor, support for the Apple Pencil, improved water resistance and much more advanced video recording capabilities.

Personally, even though I wasn’t too satisfied with iPhone X’s specifications, I’m very hyped this time about Apple’s new flagships and I’m eager to at least get my hands on one in a store for a couple of minutes, so I can run a new great game for iOS, record some video content or take photos with those pretty girls that are selling in the store by using those 3 magnificent lenses. And if you’re an Apple fan, you can’t miss such opportunities or maybe even considering buying an iPhone 11 as well.

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