iPhone 11 Comes With A13 Chip and new Taptic Engine

This fall will be ready to be amazed by Apple’s newest launch that includes an A13 chip, internally known by codename Cebu, model T8030

Contrary to some rumors, the new devices will still have a Lighting port, and it is known that the D42 model will replace the iPhone XS, the D43 one will replace the XS Max and finally, the N104 one will substitute the iPhone XR! D42 and D43 will get a 3x OLED Retina Display and N104 will have the 2x Liquid Retina Display, the same as the actual devices, including the same screen resolution, too.

What is meant by Taptic Engine?

The Taptic Engine, also called Leap Haptics, it’s rumored to improve the already known feature, Haptic Touch, since the new models won’t have the 3D Touch option anymore. IOS 13 come up with the Haptic Touch, a thing that need a slightly longer press, for all the devices. The changes brought by IOS 13 and the hardware enhancement developed to this year’s devices should let give permission to remove the 3D Touch.

Camera Tech

The models substituting the iPhone XS devices will get three cameras on the back within a square. It is believed that it looks the same as the many mockups that have been speculating around. This additional space will be left for a camera capable of shooting a wide-angle picture. Also, this wide-angle camera will get an option called Smart Frame, which shoots the area around the framed one in images and videos so that the user can enhance the framing or make automatic perspective and crop corrections. The additional information will be keep for a limited period of time and deleted automatically afterwards, for privacy matters.

The iPhone 11’s front-camera will be also enhanced, getting you some support for slo-mo shooting at 120fps.

Apple is ready to introduce their device at its extraordinary fall event in September.

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