iOS 12.4 Security Bug Makes it Easier for your Device to be Jailbroken

The release of iOS 12.4 brought some new cool updates, but it also came with a security flaw that users are not happy about. Keep reading if you want to know what it is.

iOS 12.4 was released in July. Since then, we were able to see what was good about it, but also the things that didn’t work out as Apple had planned.

What went wrong?

Well, iOS 12.4 came with an unexpected bug that increased the risk of iPhones to be jailbroken. Also, this security malfunction allows hackers to access the users accounts.

Apple’s reaction to this situation was to come up with an emergency patch known as iOS 12.4.1.

What really happens when a iPhone or iPad is jailbroken?

When these devices are jailbroken they are altered to the point where the user can istall in the device that he owns apps that were not previously approved by Apple. That can happen even without accessing the App Store.

Also, the devices can suffer modifications that are not secure and reliable from Apple’s point of view.

The bug was discovered first by Ned Williamson who worked with Google Project Zero. After that, we found out from Apple’s notes for iOS 12.4.1. that this bug has been found and that an application takes advantage of the devices’ system.

A security researcher known as Pwn20wnd is the one who developed the good version of iOS 12.4. He believes that the damage has already been done and someone probably used this bug in his favor and clearly not with good intentions.

For those who are not jailbreaking users, our advice is to get the updated version 12.4.1. There are ways for you to be tricked and you definitely don’t want this to happen.

That’s all the information available so far. We’ll come back with more updates.

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