IGZO Display Coming to Nintendo Switch with New Changes

The ultra-popular Nintendo Switch is probably going to get an upgrade in terms of its display. An electronics manufacturer from Japan called Sharp has been selected by Nintendo to provide the screen upgrade.

The display is called IGZO and has a few improvements up its sleeve, power consumption being one of them.

The two companies have not commented on which Switch devices will receive the upgrade but it makes sense that both the Switch and the Switch Lite will be on par with the display.

What is the IGZO screen?

IGZO has some really fancy tech components to it and a scientist would be needed to understand and explain them. But what you need to know is that it has something call in-plane switching or IPS. This is a good component for displays to have.

The Switch is already equipped with IPS panels in the screen but they’re old news. The new IPS things are made out of indium gallium zinc oxide, which apparently uses way less power. So, you can play games on your Switch for longer periods of time.

The battery-saving tech will be complemented by the Nvidia Tegra processor that also needs less juice to function.

IGZO display benefits

The new display won’t just improve the battery life but this could be a major marketing point. The display has faster electrons due to its modern build, so it will provide faster response rates.

Typical response times for the older IPS panels are about 4ms but the new ones will display data in around 1ms. A feature that is incorporated in monitors with a 240 Hz refresh rate.

The pixel density is superior on the IGZO display, as well as the quality of the colors. However, the Switch is not currently able to render images that are higher than 720p. So, it may not be able to take advantage of this particular side of the upgrade. But the colors will still pop.

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