Hyperloop to Join Electric Cars and Planes in 5 Years from Now

Just five years from now, Hyperloop could start forming an interconnected mesh of electric cars and some other flying machines only by using the famous vacuum-sealed tube across flat landscapes. This is an alternative to the jet engine, and we think it is a fantastic idea.

The transit system was first detailed by Elon Musk in 2013. It’s been said that it could traverse 380 miles between Los Angeles and San Francisco in just about 35 minutes at a speed of 760 meters per hour. Many people have criticized this matter, and they have started wondering if it’ll to actually work in such long distances or if it would actually stay sealed.

However, we have heard that not only would it work, but that they could make everything out of it in about ten years.

The aerospace and defense chief technology officer, whose name is Thierry Marin-Martinod said that they should come up with the project and in the best case, they should present it in less than eight years.

The Hyperloop project will probably take place where it makes the most geographic sense. It’s easier to build a tube on flat, empty land than building it around mountains and hills. For example, a plane can cruise at nearly 600 meters per hour, and some of these routes will continue to go on simply because there’s a hyperloop that can not traverse the same terrains.

Why do we need a hyperloop?

The very same thing applies the cars that only need a road and the trains that don’t really need any vacuum-sealed tubes. The question is if some planes and airports are pretty much everywhere, why do we need to build a hyperloop? Well, the answer is simple: it could give us a more eco-friendly solution. Elon Musk’s original idea showed solar panels placed together with the tube in order to generate more than enough electricity.

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