How to Save your Smartphone from Water Damage

Everybody knows that smartphones and water do not mix. The problem is that pretty much everybody has a smartphone and water is all around us. The two are bound to touch sooner or later. Not to mention that everywhere you look, you see someone with a busted phone. So, taking care of these things is not a top priority for most people.

When confronted with water damage on your smartphone, the first thing you need to do is take action. Don’t let it sit there and soak up water. The best thing to do is to suck the water out of it, somehow. Follow these steps and you might just save your phone from a watery grave.

Do NOT do the following things

  • Do not try to turn it on
  • Do not attempt to plug it in for a charge
  • Do not press any buttons
  • Do not shake it around
  • Do not blow on it with your mouth
  • Do not use a blow dryer on the phone

* The last two methods will certainly do more harm than good as water will reach more places. The heat from the dryer will be sure to cause heat damage as well.

Do the following things

  • If it is not turned off, do so
  • Hold it upright
  • Remove your SIMs from the phone
  • If your phone is older, remove the battery as well
  • Use a smooth cloth to try to absorb some of the water
  • You can use a vacuum in some cases if there is a lot of water
  • Take a bag of raw rice and lock your phone in there
  • Leave the phone in the rice bag for a couple of days
  • Try to switch on the phone after two days
  • Make sure it is charged at this point
  • If it works then be sure to observe it for around a week
  • If you see any glitches take it to a repair shop

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