Google Play Services 19.0.56 Beta Update Available to Download with High-Priority Bug Fixes

The Android operating system is famed for the premium user experience that it offers and this is why there are more than one hundred million smartphones running on Android. Google has created a perfect combination of powerful performances and software stability but what many people don’t know about the Android operating system is that without help from Google Play Services, everything would go to ruin.

The interesting thing about Google Play Services is that since it is a background app, most Android fans have no idea what it does on their smartphones. Some of them have even deleted Google Play Services from their smartphones in order to free up internal storage space and they were shocked to see that none of their other apps would work properly anymore. This is because Google Play Services takes care of lots of heavy-duty tasks.

Google Play Services 19.0.56 Beta Update

Nonetheless, the reason why Google Play Services is making headlines on our website today is that Google has just released a new update for it. The update sports the 19.0.56 version number but unfortunately, not all Android fans are eligible to download it.

The update is exclusive for beta users and therefore, all Android fans who are interested in the new update are required to first enroll in the official Android Beta Program. Fortunately, Google is allowing everyone who uses an Android-powered smartphone to join the beta program and access all the latest updates.

Bug Fixes

As previously noted, Google Play Services is a background app. Therefore, no one should be surprised to find out that the latest update which sports the 19.0.56 beta version doesn’t come with any visual changes or new features and instead, the update focuses on improving the overall performances of the Android operating system. The way that the new update does that is by introducing a handful of bug fixes.

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