Google Introduced Live View on More Devices

Google is working constantly on new features for users. We’ll give you some updates about one in particular. We think that some of you will really like it. Keep reading if you’re interested in finding out what is about.

What‘s the update we want to talk to you about

Well, we want to tell you more about a feature called Live View. Google introduced it earlier, but is was available only for Pixel devices. The good news is that the reality walking directions are now also on the Android and iOS devices. The devices support ARCore and ARKit.

How to find it and use it?

If you’re wondering how you can find out if it’s available for you and how you can use it, we have all the answers for you.

If you want to use the Live View navigation system you should go to Google Maps and search there for the destination you are looking for. Then, you need to activate the walking direction. Then you will be able to find out if the feature is available for you because if t is, a certain icon will appear on the bottom of the screen. That will start the feature.

We mentioned before that the feature was previously introduced and we’ll give you more details about that. Well, it was introduced last year at the I/O Developer Conference. The analysts were saying at the time that Live View was part of Google’s plan to monetize Maps.

The relationship between Maps and Google are pretty good and the fact that we don’t see many ads when we are using Maps is just one consequence. The release fo the Live View for more devices could produce some changes. The specialists are saying that the company will introduce more ads via Live View. We’ll wait and see if that’s actually true.

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