Fortnite Update 10.10 Patch Notes: Available with New Improvements

Fans of the popular Battle Royale game are hoping for an addition of Mech nerfs, as the Junk Rift will be popularized and the Soccer Field is replaced.

Patch notes for the latest 10.10 update were revealed by the developers of the game.

Here are some of the latest additions to the game:

Weapons and items

Junk rift

A throwable item which breaks on contact and spawns a big object in the sky which falls to the ground.

It damages players and destroys all that stands in front of it.

Damage rates: direct hit: 200 hp, and it also knocks players back

Shockwave hit: 100 hp

Epic rarity, available from chests, supply drops, floor loot and Llamas.


Apples grant 5hp.


Those grant 5 shield.


Coconuts grant 5 effective health (sum of the player’s health and shield).


Those increase the movement speed of the player for a short duration.

Shadow stone

This item turns players into a ghost for a small period of time, increasing their movement speed slightly and allowing them to dash through structures.


The map was changed: The Rift Beacon located at the Rec Center malfunctioned, provoking an explosion which left a giant crater and crafted the Glitched Consumables. Glitched Consumables can only be found at the crater.

Art and animation

The Green Toy Wrap was updated, therefore, owners of the Toy Soldiers Wraps bundle were given the option to refund the bundle without the use of a Refund Token.

Gamers should appreciate that Epic Games are working hard to keep the gameplay as enjoyable and up-to-date as possible.

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