Fortnite Twitch Rivals: What Are the Prizes?

Fortnite Twitch Rivals will come in its final hours in just a few hours.

The eSports event will start at 9 pm in the UK, or 4 pm EST if you are in the United States. The first day of the action was held on the 21st of August, and it was pretty much about included Streamers battling it out in duos in order to win a $400,000 prize pool. There were over 150 streamers which decided to take part in the Fortnite Showdown event. The official Twitch Rivals channel hosts it.

If you’ve been living under a rock, “Twitch Rivals: Fortnite Showdown” is an online competition, which has about 160 invited streamers, and they are competing against each other for the prize of $400,000. Those who take part will compete in a 2-day tournament, and there will be a gameplay based on Duos & Squads in Creative and Custom matches.

The TwitchRivals channel is actually the home of their studio, and it serves as a spotlight for those participating streamers, when they go against each other in the competition. You could also tune into the channels of those who are participating to see how they perceive the actions in their communities.

What is with the money?

However, you need to keep in mind that the $400,000 prize pool is given to both winners and losers according to their matches.

The Twitch event that’s happening today is just one of the many Tournaments that are being held for Fortnite fans.

We cannot forget about the official Champions Series either, with the Champion-ranked Trios that are competing each week in Season X. every week is essential, as each week’s players advance to the Season Finals. They will take place on the 20 – 22nd of September.

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