Fortnite Season 10 Available with New Armament

Fortnite fans, we have some interesting updates for you!

In the trailer released on August 1 by Epic Games we can see some details about the upcoming Season 10. The first one is a new mech vehicle that can supposedly be used by players in the game. Also, we can see characters using armament.

The fans are expecting news especially about the new skins. Considering the previous leaks, we will hear about this aspect very soon. Also, everybody is interested in finding out more details about Battle Pass.

The new map

We have reasons to believe that the new map will incorporate old elements and a bunch of new ones, but we heard about another posibility. The rumors say that Epic Games plan to come with some changes of the map every week.

We are expecting the comeback of Dusty Depot and Tilted Towers, but the last one it’s supposed to be replaced by the Neo version. Epic Games should choose carefully the locations because not all of the previous ones were appreciated by fans. Anarchy Acres is just one of the examples.

The Fortnite World Cup

According to Epic Games 19,000 fans were present at the finals of the Fortnite World Cup that took place at the Arthur Ashe Stadium. We’re talking about the most dedicated fans of the game.

The event blew up on streaming platforms such as YouTube and Twitch. The estimated views are 2.3 million. It won for sure the title of most-watched game competition of all time. In reality, those who watched the Fortnite World Cup Finals were a lot more, but the views from social media platforms could not be counted. Epic Games officially thanked all the fans for the succes of the event and the dedication that they are showing constantly.

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