First iPhone 11 Details Revealed

As we move closer to the expected release date of Apple’s future star phone, the iPhone 11, some new online videos made us wonder if this could be the future. Until now, all phone “mock-ups” showed the new iPhone’s triple-camera segment, a feature considered to be an advantage and a disadvantage at the same time for the company’s next release. The triple camera will still be considerate the best of them all, and it’ll go with the title of the world’s most powerful phone camera, a thing that has always impressed Apple fans to the i-OS device.

From “ugly” and “boring”, the triple camera has seen it all, even negative publicity towards the fact that camera will occupy more space and it’ll make the phone looks strange.

The latest video by Youtuber Unbox Therapy, displays an accurate depiction of the new iPhone 11. The device is said to have been created using all the details from rumors that appeared in the last few months. A phone with a triple camera was presented set up in a format that looks like the aesthetics of last XS devices. According to CNET, this is the most realistic preview of the iPhone 11.

CNET’s reports also showed that the device from the video has a more precise depiction compared to other iPhone devices that appeared all over the internet. The most visible difference is the actual square camera bump, which looked a little bit slimmer in the new video. The image sensors are also larger which makes the square bump larger as well. Another interesting noticeable thing is that the distance between the hump and the logo, looking not so bad!

Unbox Therapy’s creator Lewis Hilsenteger, also talk about the new mute button which now has a round button that looks the same as the iPad. A single thing that remained unknown is about the charging port future.

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