Clash of Clans Queen Walk Strategy to attack Level 11 Town Hall

Just to bo be sure from the start, we’re talking about Clash of Clans here. Which is a popular, crazy mobile game. In this article, we will talk about the Queen Walk strategy for assaulting heavily defended bases that also have a 3-star, level 11 Town Hall.

The strategy in question is called the Queen Walk or the Super Queen. In involves an Archer Queen that attacks a base, accompanied by 3 to 4 healers that will pretty much negate all damage she receives. At least until she destroys a large chunk of the enemy base.

What do you need for the Queen Walk strategy?

  • Strong Queen level 30 to 40
  • 4-6 Healers
  • Wall Breakers to create a path
  • Rage Spell
  • An army to invade

What are the steps in the Queen Walk strategy?

  • Destroy part of the base before the Eagle Artillery is activated
  • Destroy buildings outside the base walls for easy troop deployment
  • Destroy the defenses
  • Try to take out the Eagle Artillery

Step by step suggestions

  • Release the Queen along with the healers positioned behind her. Buildings will start to fall immediately.
  • Use the Wall Breakers or jump across the walls to steer the Queen to the more important buildings you need to take out. Boost Healers with the Rage spell.
  • Try to plan your movements before attacking with the Queen, ensuring she does enough damage before she dies and your army goes in. There is a possibility the Queen will survive, depending on the distraction the grunts will provide.
  • Take out the Air Defences as they can kill your Healers quick. Without them, your attack will be ruined.
  • The Queen will have a difficult time taking out X-bows and Infernos.
  • When attacking a Clan Castle, the Queen can take out a lot of troops. But balloons and Lava Pups will damage the Queen to an extent and you will lose time.

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