Chrome OS 76 Update Available with New Features and Improvements

We have some great news for you, Chrome OS 76 is finally here. We’ll tell you all you need to know about its features, media controls, and other interesting details.

Version 76 of Chrome OS was recently introduced and we want to give you more details about it. First, we want to tell you more about the features because they are very important. Keep reading if you are interested in that.

The new features

One of the most important features is the blocking of Flash by default. The decision was inspired by the fact that Adobe will also stop supporting Flash from 2020. However, the users will be able to give permission to Flash on certain sites.

Also, some new media controls will be available on Chrome OS 76. The controls will be mainly playing/pause and back/forward. They will look just like the regular Android notifications, so you’ll be familiar with that.

Another exciting feature is the new design of Google Camera. The shutter button and the mode switcher will be in a different position, more specifically, at the right edge of the screen. That’s also where the gallery preview will be.

On Chrome OS 76, the websites will be able to see if you’re using the incognito mode. In this way, some publications will not allow you to read their articles for free as you might do before. We know, that’s not the best thing in the world.

One last thing is that Chrome OS 76 will give you the possibility of enabling the dark modes on the websites that you are visiting. Your color preferences will be taken into consideration by this new version.

In a few weeks, you will have Chrome OS 76 for Chromebooks as well.

That’s all the details we have about Chrome OS 76. We’ll report back with other cool updates.

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