Chandrayaan – 2 Latest Success Available

This Monday, the Sriharikota platform recorded the second launch of Chandrayaan – 2, and it was a real success for the astronomers, letting them put another completed mission on their agenda. The spacecraft will elevate its orbit for another amazing three more times, then it will reach an additional orbit that would represent a 233 km length at the closest point and 143,953 km at its extreme point. Good news for sure, will come in a few weeks!

According to the Indian Space Research Organization, where the best team of scientists and astronomers are united, the Chandrayaan – 2 functioned more than ordinary, fact that led at its triumphant launch. However, the spacecraft is expected to land first time on moon on September 7. Also, with each orbit-boosting action, Chandrayaan – 2 would achieve enough energy that would eventually be exactly what it will need for it to leave the orbit circling around the earth and changing its position finally, to the moon.

The next orbit-raising is scheduled on July 29, and it is very expected, also it will take place other similar actions on August 2 and August 6. Chandrayaan – 2 will go on to its last earth orbit for eight days, then it will break out and change its position towards moon on August 14. Another scheduled action to go to a lunar orbit, will be on August 20.

Despite the fact that the Orbiter, part of Chandrayaan – 2 is made to go in a lunar orbit 100 km from the moon’s area for a whole year, the Vikram lander and Prgayaan drifter would leave the main spacecraft on September 3, then change its position into a inferior orbit, and in the end, it will run down on the planetary area on September 7.

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