Black Hole in Milky Way Center Two Times Brighter

Recently, astronomers have been receiving some rather odd readings from the black hole that stands at the center of the galaxy. The Milky Way’s central black hole has been showing signs of increased brightness that has never been seen before.

The black hole at the center of our galaxy has been designated Sagittarius A and is 4 million times the size of the star in our solar system. Which is, in turn, 1.3 million the size of Earth. Sagittarius A has been calculated to be situated at 26.000 light-years away from our planet.

What is visible from Earth?

Light particles are not able to escape the gravitational pull of the black hole. However, scientists can view the surroundings of the singularity. This is because the hot gases that are about to be observed circle the singularity and emit light on an infrared level.

Astronomers have singled out four nights of observation in 2019. These nights have provided evidence of increased brightness from the black hole that is two times the regular amount. These measurements indicate that 2019 has been the brightest time for the black hole in over 20 years of observation.

No answers to be had

It is believed that the change in brightness is evidence that something is happening near the event horizon of the black hole on a physical level. Scientists were under the belief that such a thing could not be witnessed by the human eye.

The scientific community is both surprised and baffled by the mysterious event. Nobody has any explanation for the occurrence but people are enthusiastic to search for answers. Being witness to astronomical events that happen in such a short time frame is extremely rare.

Because of these short windows of time, many of the world’s ground-based telescopes are pointed toward Sagittarius A.

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