Battlefield 5 Update 1.21 Available to Download with New Fixes

A big update for Battlefield 5 came out a couple of weeks ago in the form of version 1.20. This update has made a few mistakes that made gamers quite frustrated. One of the major issues with the July update was invisible soldiers running around and causing trouble. Update 1.21 was recently released and has fixed this issue, among others.

Update 1.21 was released almost immediately after 1.20, which was a major update. 1.21 is quite small in size and is meant to address some issues with the main patch that came out in July. These fixes came out quite fast due to player feedback stating that certain features of the game are not optimized and others are just glitching out.

Defying the Odds Update at end of August

This mini-update came out in good time as there will be a considerable wait for the next update called Defying the Odds. The next update is expected at the end of August and is said to have more new features. It will include 2 new maps, an enhanced level cap, and new weapons.

Update 1.21 Patch Notes

  • P08 Carbine. The weapon has been optimized and now has less recoil. The muzzle velocity has been enhanced to make the weapon more effective
  • MKVI Revolver. The weapon has reduced rate of fire by 20 RPM, current level is now 180 RPM
  • Firestorm kills will be awarded even if the enemy player disconnects from the game while downed
  • Fixed presence of Invisible Soldiers
  • Fixed screen turning black when stationary cannons are fired
  • Fixed incorrect crosshair on the Mosquito FB MKVI
  • Fixed players getting stuck on the deploy screen when spawning on planes
  • Tank kills will no longer cause the game to lag
  • Tank main weapon fire will no longer cause an unintentional suppression effect to infantry
  • Correct bomb count on the JU-88 will now be displayed

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