Apple’s iPhone 11 Release Schedule: Everything We Know so Far

There’s a new report that says that Apple will announce brand new three iPhone 11 models this September. Apple has been announcing these new iPhones for years now, and we have seen some leaks.

By the end of September, the new iPhones should hit the market or get to your door if you pre-ordered them. However, Apple has failed to ship them on time. But the iPhone 11 should be the beginning of ordinary again.

The iPhone X and iPhone 8 series were shown at the same time back in September 2017, but iPhone X was not available in stores – not until November. A year later those iPhones with the OLED displays – iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max, too – were available to order in September. However, the LCD iPhone XR wasn’t released until October. At that time, we have heard of the Face ID components, which were the reason behind the iPhone X delay. It’s possible that the LCD manufacturing issues delayed the arrival of iPhone XR.

They’re basically the same with the last ones

These three iPhone models are set to hit the market this year, and they look a lot like last year’s iPhones, especially if we’re talking about the front design. The iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR successors will come with the same display choices – we mean LCD and the OLED displays.

There’s no reason why Apple should delay these devices. This is what many sources believe. It’s been said that all of the three iPhone 11 phones will be made available in stores at the same time.

Dan Ives from Wedbush believes that these iPhones will be released during the second week of September, which is earlier than we all expected. They believe it will be on Friday, the 20th of September.

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