Apple lowers the trade-in value of older iPhone models

It seems that Apple is preparing to launch the iPhone 12 with a traditional drop in “trade-in” prices of older phone models. Currently, the company decreases the value it will offer to those who choose to give the old phone in exchange for a discount on the price of a new model. Of course, the new prices will be valid at the moment for the purchase of models from the iPhone 11, XR and SE range, which are still on sale, as the iPhone 12 variants have not yet been officially announced.

Those who want to hand over an older iPhone will receive less money at the trade-in
Basically, Apple is now deducting from the maximum value of most iPhone models already launched about 50 US dollars. The iPhone models that are still received in the trade-in program start from iPhone 6 and SE and reach the top models from the iPhone XS range. Prices are of course lower than what you would get through independent second-hand sales.

iPhone XS Max – up to $ 450
iPhone XS – up to $ 370
iPhone XR – up to $ 270
iPhone X – up to $ 280
iPhone 8 Plus – up to $ 220
iPhone 8 – up to $ 170
iPhone 7 Plus – up to $ 130
iPhone 7 – up to $ 110
iPhone 6s Plus – up to $ 100
iPhone 6s – up to $ 70
iPhone 6 Plus – up to $ 45
iPhone 6 – up to $ 30
iPhone SE (first generation) – up to $ 30
The estimated value of these devices has dropped by $ 50 for some top models such as the iPhone XS and XS Max, $ 40 for the iPhone X, and $ 30, $ 20 and $ 10 for other older models. The only variants that did not change in value were the iPhone 6, iPhone SE, iPhone 6S Plus and iPhone 8 models.

However, this value is the maximum, if you bring to the trade-in a phone in a good working condition, without problems. The estimated value is then subtracted from the shelf price of a current model. Probably after the launch of iPhone 12, the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max and iPhone SE (second generation) variants will be accepted at the trade-in for the purchase of a new model.

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