Antarctica vs. history or how a discovery could shock you

Scientists discover a usual fossil that turned out to be a revealing fact for history offering a shocking piece of Antarctica’s past

Antarctica, a continent found somewhere at the bottom or at the most extreme south point, is the 5th largest continent. It covers the South Pole with an area almost twice the size of Australia. It extends its size in the winter as the corners of the ice grows furthermore, around its coast. Antarctica is also the coldest continent ever, even more than the Artic, being cold all year round.

Since scientists made a huge discovery, Antarctica is in the spotlight now. Researchers from Germany, New Zealand and Italy willing to study the climate change since 2008, made quite an impression with their studies of the true effects of it. But, they didn’t know how to take into consideration one particular finding. Their study showed how scientists got the courage to dig many meters below the frozen desert to get a sneak peek at Antarctica’s past.

One of the scientists recovered a 12-foot length of a core enfolded into a protective cover. With the help of others they took it to their lab, in order to examine it, and they’ve got the surprise when they opened it to be in an excellent condition. They said that because of its composition of mud and rock it is more important than other valuable metals, representing a glimpse into past.

The ANDRILL scientists opened up the ice core sample to get a view into ancient history, each fragment being sliced lengthwise, scanned and in the end, x-rayed. They say that each core tells a different tale depending on its composition, insides and color, being truly amazing. Maybe the most important thing is the fact that each shells are proof of a warmer Antarctica, before it iced up.

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